Our Story - the irwin inn

The Irwin Inn has been a family tradition of hospitality for 70 years. Spanning  three generations, our family history extends back 150 years starting with the Crowe’s family of Crowe’s Landing, where Grandma Norma (Crowe) Irwin grew up as a young girl. 

In 1947, Ross and Norma Irwin opened their cottage to accommodate guests from a neighbouring resort, and after additions to the cottage, a small lodge resulted to provide overnight accommodations and good meals to vacationers seeking to enjoy Stoney Lake.  Many a guest would come for the fishing and return year after year with their families to enjoy Irwin Inn, the good food and Irwin family hospitality.

Ross, a cook at the Nephton Mine enjoyed the challenge, and as property became available around the lodge, he purchased individual lots, and expanded the resort.  By 1955 Ross and Norma could accommodate 30 guests, and with a dining room expansion in 1960, more than 75 people could vacation at the Inn. Ross continued developing the property, purchased property behind the lodge and and lawn cottages, and built a 9 hole “pitch and putt’ golf course, for guests and cottagers to play.

By the mid 80’s. Dennis and Patti Irwin embarked on a program of expansion and consolidation. They completed the acquisition of the privately owned cottages near the Inn, begun by Ross and Norma, and also the 133 acre farm property, adjacent to the small golf course, with farm house and cow barn, which eventually housed horses. Concentrating on the lakefront, they renovated existing cottages, or built new ones to suit the more discerning guests of the 80’s and 90’s.  They felt that groups and organizations would benefit from the Inn’s relatively private and unique site, and consequently built a meeting room and upgraded facilities to attract these clients.  The building program continued in 2000 with the construction of a stunning post and beam complex of lakeside spa suites. Sympathetic architecture and prime waterfront location made theses suites some of the most sought after accommodation at Irwin Inn.

An equestrian center with 14 horse stalls, and a 70’ x 200’ indoor riding arena was built, on part of the farm property behind and adjacent to the golf course.  Under Dennis and Patti’s stewardship, the Inn became a year round, multi purpose resort.

This next generation of the Irwin family made this Ontario resort famous for its tradition of welcoming hospitality, excellent dining, friendliness, and enduring family ties, continuing to reflect the core values of Ross and Norma, and long standing heritage.

Although bittersweet to be retiring the long-standing family business, the Irwin family is certainly looking forward to a little R&R for themselves in the future, and they are excited for new families to have the opportunity to enjoy this special place, and become a part of this truly wonderful lakeside community.